Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Got Me Into Bigfoot

My interest in Bigfoot goes back to when I was in 5th grade. I went to one of the many book sale things happening around town and found a book on monsters from film movies and mythology. I found fascinating stories and pictures on all these weird creatures of lore and cryptozoology and I was hooked. Some were terrifying yet I'd still HAVE to look at them and study up.

It was around that time, 6th grade or going into middle school (2003/2004?), and my friend Mike asked me if I wanted to spend a weekend on his house boat in Bullard's Bar. Now, I don't know exactly where Bullard's Bar is, either CA or NV, but it's a big lake where people do water sports and hike in the surrounding mountains. The trip was fun and all but on our way home, that's when I think I may have had my sighting.

I can't say definitively what it was that I saw but it was something I can still visualize all these years later. Now, there are lots of reports of people driving on highways and seeing a bigfoot crossing the road or even walking parallel in the forest. This is the type of sighting I had. I was looking out the window into the forest and for about 3 seconds, a big dark figure caught my eye and I stared. I wasn't seeing what I wanted to see because bigfoot was the furthest thing from my mind, yet this thing in the woods was really there and it wasn't just my imagination. It was big (relatively, since I looked up the hill at it), black, and was walking in the tree line but close to bordering the drop off to the road. I didn't look at the face but I saw the chest and the arms swing and the legs move.

I didn't tell Mike or his mom because I knew I was the only one looking at the scenery and I also didn't want to risk getting ridiculed. I never get caught up in mob-mentalities or try to provoke things so I never ask if anyone saw anything. I don't join in on what others say so I didn't want to try and sway anyone to believe me about anything unless they ask me personally. I can't say if it was a man in a suit or if it was a real creature but it was interesting and stood out amongst the light brown trees and green pine. Black tends to stand out. I don't think it was a man in a suit because it was the hottest time of the summer and that would be quite great lengths to go to to try and hoax something. I wonder if anyone else saw it while driving by.

Bigfoots being in heavily trafficked areas is also an extremely rare circumstance so while I can't give a definite answer on what I saw, that thing in the woods further sparked my interest into the unexplained.

(Next: I take the plunge into the world of Bigfoot research!)

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